6 Creative and Wacky Fences

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While there are some aesthetic rules that fences should generally adhere to, these fences or at least novel ideas for fences, will take everything you knew about perimeters and throw it out the window!

First up we have this interesting and at the same time unusual fence built in America. Massachusetts to be precise. The rusty pattern was inspired by a snake which coils around the property accordingly.
snake fence

While this may not survive storm season, you have to admit that this looks pretty damn cool.
lego fence

Bikes, in particular ‘fixed gear’ bikes have been popular amongst the 20 yr-olds. Its a love hate relationship with this fence. You could either be seen as a crazy person or the ultimate hipster. In which case this kind of fence would only suit as a partition in a trendy cafe in the city somewhere.
hipster fence

In hindsight, the Westminster Bridge in London should have hired a different designer for their fence pattern.
westminster bridge fence

This idea is actually nice and isn’t too far fetched like the rest of the examples thus far. Would suit more as a fence around lets say the play area for children, it definitely reminds us that fences should serve a purpose, rather than just be something you “need”. If you’re going to get a new fence, might as well theme it.
kids fence

I guess we can finish it off with another good example of a children’s fence. If you’re not interested in getting a completely new fence built, then maybe you should consider re-painting your fence to give it new life.
colourful fence

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