Besides the safety aspects of pool fencing, lets be honest now – it looks great!

Outdoor living spaces are definitely a trending topic lately amongst home-improvers and fencing is up there on the list of “1st things to do”. But did you know, that there’s a little red-taped involved when choosing any kind of fencing as an upgrade? Of course, most purposes for a fence is a standard procedure and shouldn’t attract any kind of bureaucracy, but its always a good idea to have a chat with your local council and see if there are any laws or regulations that may dictate your fence building project.

It just doesn’t apply to fences for the pool but also fences used to divide spaces. Check out the QLD Govt. Safety resource, as well as what the Brisbane City Council has to say about it.

pool safety

Pool Fence Safety

Then of course you have the issue of safety that’s of the highest priority. Gone are the days where pool fences look ugly, but they should still serve their purpose!

1. Regular maintenance is key to avoid trouble from the council. They’ve really started to crack down lately so at least 4 times a year (depending how often you use the pool). Just give it a once over, especially the hinges and areas where it gets used the most to ensure that everything is solid and functioning.

2. Don’t ever forget that the main reason for securing pool areas is so that children are protected from drowning. So please ensure you choose a functioning design.

3. If nobody is outside, and you have children, then taking the extra step to secure all doors and windows that lead to the pool reinforces safety.

4. Toys near or in the water is a big no-no. It’s one of the biggest things that attract children to pool areas.

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