The best way to keep your garden productive and its crops top quality is to ensure that your garden soil is healthy.

For this, you can do a number of things, such as safeguarding the configuration of soil, taking care of the numerous microbes and other living organisms that are found in the soil, adding natural and local nutrients to soil, infusing organic and mineral matters in it, etc.

Also, make sure that you grow plants in those beds in close gaps so that the surface of the soil is covered

How to make better soil for garden?

Add animal manure to soil because this is more useful for soil aggregation and thereby for soil productivity. In this process, the plants and soil organisms get their nutrients directly. Owing to this, experienced gardeners attach more importance to the process of adding animal manure to soil compared to composting.

garden fencingApply decent amounts of compost to soil as it strengthens the soil’s water retention capability and reduces the risk of disease in your garden. Compost is nothing but a recycled organic waste that is used to improve the quality of soil.

Rectify the scarcity of minerals in the soil by adding rock powders and other sources of minerals that release nutrients at a slow rate.

Build cover crops to improve the fertility and configuration of the soil every season. Cover crops can supply direct nutrients to your soil microbes and plants. In addition, when the roots of cover crops decay, channels are formed, increasing easy penetration of water and oxygen to the soil and plant’s root system.

Use high carbon mulch materials to cover the top area of your soil to protect it from crazy changes in temperature and to enable soil to hold water.

Use scythe or broad fork to till the soil so that its structure and layers are not affected.

Build beds and paths to save the configuration of soil. Also, make sure that you grow plants in those beds in close gaps so that the surface of the soil is covered. This will not only protect soil and plants from extreme temperatures but also help in water retention.

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