Frameless Glass Pool

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Brisbane’s Premier Supplier of Frameless Glass Fencing

Like the less expensive Semi-frameless glass, Frameless Glass panels provide a beautiful see-through effect to highlight those special views you want to preserve but with the added benefit of no obstructions at all.

To create this type of fencing, 12mm thick glass is mounted at the base only by  stainless steel spigots core drilled into concrete footings or fixed onto timber decking with stainless steel screws provided there is sufficient support under the decking . Frameless Glass fencing panels cannot be mounted directly into the ground or paving etc without first installing a concrete base. We have a variety of different fixings methods available to cater for most situations.

Frameless glass is the ideal pool fencing option and with the additional of a Stainless Steel Top Rail  is also suited to balconies and a range of other applications.